Globalisation and the Environment
Describtion of the animal's habitat:
Camels are usually found in a place called desert. A desert is a place full of sand where there is low amount of living organisms and low amount of water. The camel has a special feature that non of the animals have. Camels can store water in the chambers of the stomachs which helps them to live for few days without the need of water and thorns with stand the heat in the desert.
The adaptations of the camels to its environment:
A camel can live in the desert without water for 14 days and several months without food. When the drinking session of camels start they drink about 46 liters of water, the water get stored into the camels body. Water turns to fats into their humps which gives camels energy and water gets saved into the camel’s body and it gets used when they need it.

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