Globalisation and the Environment


What is globalisation?

Globalisation is a procedure that has been developing a lot all of the world since 1990’s. The huge cause of globalization is MNC’S

(Multi National Companies). MNC’S are  companies that expand all over the world and tries to take the lead of the markets. These factors (of expansion) may affect the countries in many ways. There are many effects of MNCs but the most effected resources are society, economy and environment.This makes the world become a global village because people start losing their own cultures for western cultures (like: America.). This might have a lot of positive and negative impacts on peoples live through the world. MNCs achievements is to destroy the traditional cultures and make money this is why they spend a lot of money on advertisements so when people travels any where they can still see it.


                                      These are the most important MNCs  in the world 


Coca Cola,PEPSI and
Mc Donald’s






 Postive                                                                                         Negative                                                                                                           

 1. One world connected.                                                   1. More wars       
2. Cheap goods .
3. Better education.                                                            2. Unemployment
4. More jobs and less unemployment .                           
5. Improves the position of women in community.       3. Cheap labour (exploitation of
6. More opportunites to travel.                                             workers)
7. communication between people by cell phones         4. People forgets their culture 
     and internet around the world .                                       and follows the other cultures
8.awareness of other cultures .                                              that globalisation provides.
9. Less wars.         
                                                                                                5. Gap between rich                
                                                                                                    and poor people is widening 
                                                                                                    ( Terrorism ).



1. Wealthy countries invest into poorer countries to help environment and land structure.
2. Technology helps the environment to reduce pollution.

3. Multi nationals develop and modernise countries  which become weltheir.
     There for the gap between rich and poor countires is small.   
1. Multinational companies destroy the nature ex. rain forest to make their products. Because multi nationals are so powerful and profit driven, it will be impossible to get the kind of world wide co.operation
and planning reeded to sac the earth's resources  and environment. 
2. Technology is not always a positive impact because it can affect the important resources that a human can't live with out like air, water and environment.


1. Easier and cheaper communication over great distances.
2. Closes gap between rich and poor countries.
3. Cheap goods.
4. Better education and standards of living.
5. More jobs and people

1. War.
2. Unemployment.
3. Multinationals rule the world.
4. Traditional industries get destroyed.
5. People are under paid.
6. Local businesses can’t compete with MNC’s.
7. Banks afford loans to locals as much as they won’t but then people cause the bankrupt because they can’t return the money back.    




A paragraph to view whether globalisation is good or bad:


Globalisation is both good and bad. The positive impacts about globalisation, it allows communications between people, and economy developing, more opportunities for people to get employed and it closes gap between rich and poor countries. The negative impacts about globalisation are wars occurring because of the widening gap between rich and poor people, nature being destroyed from the pollution of the companies, cheap labour, more unemployment, and Multinationals ruling the world and taking the lead of the markets. At the end globalisation is both positive and negative these factors effect society and the environment.