Globalisation and the Environment

My native Animal of United Arab Emirates is the camel. 


My native animal of the United Arab Emirates is a camel. Its  common's name is camel, scientific name is (camelus dormedarius), and it has many different local names like Naga.  
 Camels are really helpful animals that are used alot around the world from many different reasons. Camels don't hungry easily and tired quickly becasue it has a specail feature that none of the animals have at all. This huge thing on top of the camel body is called a hump. A hump is an important part of a camels body that stores every thing that enters its body especailly water, it can live for 1 year without water and it keeps the stored food unitl it needs it. 
  Camels are one of the best friends to human's especiall
y the Bedus which are people that have lived in the dessert and always travels from a place to a place in the to find main resources that any human being need and to also grow crops for grazing sheep’s and for animal products. People have also taken many useful things from the camel such as leather, meat and milk. Camel racing is the main traditional sport in U.A.E, people from the past until now still uses the special Arabia names for old and young camels. For example a mother of a small camel is called a Gahor, then the camel is called Hayel when it comes a little bit bigger and when a female camel is pregnant it is called Mendi. Camels also are named when they are really young and they have special name when they2 years old.