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 What is the size of the population in the UAE?


The size of camels population in the UAE has been increasing since 1970s from an estimated  base of 100,000, the camel population has grow to a current total of 250,000 and female camels in U.A.E has a population of 74% out of  the total population. To find out the size of camels you have to use this formula= camels in U.A.E divided by the general space of U.A.E.

The population density of camels is 

250 000 camels 
83600km2                =2.99 camels per  km


The species distribution of camels in UAE


 The population dispersion of camels in the UAE is mostly clumped. This table is shows  the benefits and disadvavtages  of this population grouping.

Type of population dispersion:

. Camels can support each other when they are in any situation.
.Camels have been all their life together as one family and can find each other easily when there lost.

. Camels are most of the time grouped so they get counted easily.
. Its hard to get camel meat and milk if you live in cities like Abu Dhabi
  and Al Ain.
. Camels can destroy there reources in food when they are clupmed (ex. plants can be destroyed when camels are together)
What abiotic and biotic factors influence the size of the population?

Abiotic components are the non living components of biosphere. Chemical and geological factors, such as rocks and minerals, and physical factors, such as temperature and weather, are referred to a biotic components. Biotic are living organisms such as plants and animals. Camels population can be decreased if they finish all there needs to be a live like the oasis that are rarley found in the dessert. Desert is a place full of sand that have a small amount of living organisms like plants that are rarely found in the desert this will affect the size of population and it will get it decreased. This has negative impacts on camels because they will have less food to eat and will cause death to camels

What factors affect the size of the population in the U.A.E ?

The factors that affect the size of the population in the UAE is food and water because not all the camels have these living resources in the desert which decreases the population of camels. If there was more food, water and plants more camels would have been there.