Globalisation and the Environment

What can we do as individual people ?

As individual people we can solve the problems of globalisation by buying the traditional products and stop the multinational products from spreading. Encourage the workers to produce traditional stuff instead of buying other cultures stuff when u can make it. We should take the positive things from other culters and leave there negative things you can always keep the environment clean, eat traditional food, keep local culture alive by providing jobs for local people,  purchase their products, and we can also stop the wars from happening by trading stuff between countries such as food, cloth and technology.
 What is the government doing to help solve problems associated with globalisation?

The government has helped problems associated with globalization by stopping some Multinational companies from producing their products because they are harmful to people’s health and the environment this will end by causing a huge affect in the economy and revenue of the country. A lot of governments like the U.A.E have helped countries around the world by supplying food to them for ex. When there are natural disasters that have occurred in any country and it has affected everything s o U.A.E starts sending them the important resources they can’t afford like medicines, food, and water (etc).

 A list of websites and organizations that help solve these problems.